Leia Sadiku – New Video & More

We’ve known about Leia and her amazing youtube videos for some time. We are a big fan of her work and this without you/nobodys perfect mashup is no different. In a day where artists are forever being aided vocally in the studio, it is nice to see a young girl with so much natural talent as well as being very talented guitarist. Her view count does not do her justice, and we here at Get Known would like to see that change, as I’m sure most of you will be after watching this video. We like real people with real feelings and miss Sadiku is as real as they come.

Leia has an amazing ability to befriend you with her voice, you don’t even have to watch her video you can just sit back relax and take in the music, then when its all over you feel like you have known her your whole life.
Never one to follow the crowd she consistently delivers meaningful and upbeat songs that put a smile on anyone’s face and what a wonderful thing that is to be able to do.

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Let her know how good she is by liking her page and following her account, there are few who would appreciate it more than Leia.

I did say to Leia I was going to post on just this video but if you have listened to this video at the top I’m sure you want to hear more so here are a few of my favorites.

Crave you – Cover/Rap

Nine Life It – one of her own

Here is a little understanding of how wonderful her voice can be when recorded in the studio and collabing with Beau Young Prince from Washington, DC.

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